Gothic Arched Doors

Stained Glass Gothic Door


Who doesn't love a classic Gothic arched door?


We've recently replaced a gothic door in a Victorian-built school, adding a beautiful stained glass window designed by one of the pupils - as shown in the top two photographs.


The other photograph is a gothic door we made some time ago, also in oak, but with black ironmongery, including studs.


Modern technology enables us to provide CAD drawings with our quotes. However, when it comes to making more complex jobs we still use traditional skills to set out the joinery on a 1:1 scale, using geometry, a compass and chalk lines.


Pointed arches have been used in English architecture since around the 11th Century. An interesting summary of Gothic architecture can be found on the Look Up Architecture blog. We have compiled a Pinterest Board illustrating the many types of arched door that can enhance your building.





Please get in touch if you are looking for a bepsoke arched door. A good starting point is to send a photo or a sketch of what you would like.


We think arched doors can certainly add some gravitas and grandeur to both public buildings and private dwellings. We'd love to hear your thoughts via email or the social media links below.



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Published December 2014







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